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Our friendly, family team is on hand to provide comfort and reassurance and to answer any question you may have – no request is ever too big or too small. At T.A. Ellement we believe the job of the funeral director is to be with you every step of the way on this difficult journey.

T.A. Ellement has been carrying out funeral planning services across Northwood for many, many years. Now owned by the Carnague family of independent funeral directors, we cover all aspects of funeral services.

From our premises in Pinner Road, we promise to provide a service that fully honours your loved one. We work at your pace, and are guided by your thoughts and wishes relating to all matters of the funeral service and interment.

Comprehensive Funeral Services

For funeral services across Northwood our reputation for customer care and commitment is unrivalled.

T.A. Ellement offers a range of services that can be tailored to your individual needs and we are ready to help with every detail as soon as you feel ready to discuss preparations.

We believe the funeral itself should reflect and respect the wishes of your loved one, and we aim to honour all requests and pre-arranged plans.

Coffins and Caskets in Northwood

We offer a wide selection of coffins and caskets crafted to suit your chosen service. We provide a range of brochures so you can take your time and decide what would be your preference. For example, if you are planning a traditional burial or cremation, you may favour a coffin that is crafted out of solid wood or veneer. However, if you are considering a more environmentally aware service, you may opt for willow, bamboo or even a biodegradable material.

Whatever your selection, the T.A. Ellement staff are on hand to help.

Woodland Burials in Northwood

With more than 135 years’ of experience as funeral directors, the T.A. Ellement staff are more than happy to arrange a beautiful funeral in a designated woodland or natural burial site.

For cremations too, we can organise for the ashes to be placed into a bamboo or willow urn before being interred in a woodland site.

Chapel of Rest in Northwood

The time you spend following a loved one’s passing and the funeral can be extremely difficult. At T.A. Ellement we welcome family members and friends to pay their respects in the serene surroundings of our Chapel of Rest.

Our friendly staff can help co-ordinate times to ensure you can take as much time as you need.

Memorials in Northwood

Following a funeral service, T.A Ellement can help you to choose a fitting memorial or headstone, stone or tablet to honour the passing of your loved one. We can also organise a memorial service to mark the scattering of the ashes or even a post-funeral service to celebrate a life well lived.

Please feel free to talk to us about your plans and requests. We have a vast amount of experience as funeral directors and are happy to be of service wherever we can. 

Direct Cremation

If you would rather not have a funeral service when you pass away, there are options available to you. Direct cremation involves your remains being taken into our care so we can arrange a simple cremation service. This process means no friends and family will be able to attend but can allow them to honour you in their own way.

Funeral Cars and Flowers in Northwood

Floral tributes and transportation are important aspects to consider when planning a funeral. For our Northwood clients we have an in-house florist who can create the most beautiful wreaths, posies or bouquets and who is more than happy to discuss any particular designs or flower varieties you may suggest.

Our fleet of luxurious funeral cars will ensure you and your guests are as comfortable as possible on the day itself. You can view them beforehand and we also offer to provide any special hearse or vehicle type you may require.

Funeral Costs and Pre-paid Plans in Northwood

No one wants to talk about their funeral – which is why the more preparation you can do in advance, the easier it is for those left to carry out your wishes.

At T.A. Ellement we offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans that enable you to cover all costs, as well as leave instructions for the ceremony itself. At T.A. Ellement our experienced, independent staff are here to advise and to listen and will do everything we can to provide you with peace of mind about the future.

Professional, Trusted Funeral Directors

With more than 135 years’ experience of funeral care, T.A. Ellement is Northwood’s most trusted funeral director. We are available six days a week and can be reached at our Northwood office on: 01923 825372. Alternatively, you can drop us a line at: funerals@taellement.co.uk


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