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Chapel of Rest

Following a death, there may be some time before the funeral service itself can take place. Whether it was an expected or unexpected death, those left behind are in a state of shock, dealing with high emotions of grief and loss.

At T.A. Ellement & Son we provide a peaceful, tranquil and serene Chapel of Rest where your loved one will be taken care of and where you, family members and loved ones are welcome to come and pay their respects.

Time to Reflect

Each of our three branches – Northwood, Pinner and Ruislip – has their own private Chapel of Rest which can be adorned to your request, whether that is in respect of any religious or personal request.

Our chapels offer you the opportunity to visit your loved one and to being able to come to terms with your loss in the most intimate and dignified of settings.

In practical terms, all our chapels offer wheelchair access and our staff are on hand to help at all times.

Here for You

For anyone experiencing loss for the first time, visiting a Chapel of Rest may seem like a daunting task. You may have many questions about what you should say or do, or what you might expect.

But please, do not worry, the T.A. Ellement & Son team can talk you through any concerns beforehand and there are no hard and fast rules regarding the Chapels. It is simply a place for you to say your goodbyes and spend some time with your loved one.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch and we will do our best to support and advise you.

Practical Points

The length between death and the burial or cremation can take anything up to two or even three weeks which means you may have more than one opportunity to visit the Chapel of Rest.

For you and any other family or mourners, we would ask that you contact us ahead of any planned visit so we can make it as personal as possible.

Things to Remember

The Chapel of Rest is not a church and unlike the funeral itself there is no dress code. We may restrict numbers owing to space but otherwise, this is your opportunity to come together with your loved one before the service takes place.

People often take this time to talk to their loved one and maybe share memories of things that are as yet unsaid.

While we do not enforce any major rules, we would ask all guests to be respectful and mindful of any other visitors to our branches.

Professional, Trusted Funeral Directors

T.A. Ellement & Son is Hillingdon and Harrow’s most trusted funeral director. To talk to us about the Chapel of Rest or indeed, any of our services please call: and can be reached on: 01923 825372 (Northwood); and 020 88660324 (Pinner) 01895 621950 (Ruislip). Alternatively, you can drop us a line at: funerals@taellement.co.uk


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